Fair and Acceptable Use Policy

Reason for This Policy
The Acceptable Use Policy aims to ensure the enjoyment and availability of our services to all our eligible customers in an equal and fair manner. Furthermore this policy is in place to ensure that no customer or user of our services is disadvantaged by the behaviour of others.
This policy applies to the following services:

  1. Cloud PBX services – uncluded calls
  2. All other call included plans
    What Phonetex Considers to be Acceptable Use
    Acceptable use is when we see your usage of our services is less than double the average usage as measured across all our clients with similar plans. If this is exceeded for three consecutive months then
    we deem acceptable use to be violated. The result of this is that excessive use charges will be applied.
    Excessive Use Charges
    If excessive use has been detected then you will be charged as if you were on a cost per call plan. Costs will be calculated using your quoted call rates.
    Regular excess usage will result in your service being changed to a cost per call based plan. You will be given notice once this has occurred and a $88 processing fee will be charged.
    Unacceptable Uses
    You may not use services subject to this Acceptable Use Policy for any of the following:
    ● Running a call centre or telemarketing business
    ● Wholesale, re-billing, re-supplying or reselling
    ● In conjunction with devices which overcome subscription and/or pricing charges
    ● In conjunction with devices which overcome channel use limitations
    ● Any other activity which would not be reasonably regarded as ordinary use
    If the service is used in such an unacceptable way then excess use charges will be applied as described